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It’s no secret that the Property Market in Costa Blanca has seen steady growth in the past few years. Costa Blanca is also known for a high number of new build properties and developments, which are available for purchase. At 5 Real Estate, we have helped hundreds of property owners save millions of euros by setting a fixed fee for property sales of €999 +IVA.

Like any property market, pricing can fluctuate based on several economic factors, which is why Estate Agents like us are here to help when you need to sell. Therefore, we have created this guide to help when it comes to selling property in Costa Blanca.

There are many properties currently for sale in Costa Blanca, which is why it’s important that you stand out from the crowd, making sure to select an estate agent that is going to support you throughout the sales process. At 5 Real Estate we have all the tools and the team to help, we understand the methods that work well in 2023 and we know what customers are looking for when it comes to purchasing a property within the Costa Blanca area.

Did you know?

On average we save our clients more than €8,000 against ordinary estate agent fees.

So, how can you work with us to make sure your property is sold at the price you want, with the support of a quality set of agents?

Ensure your advertised price is right

One of the most important factors when selling your property is ensuring you advertise it at the right price. A great property can sit on the market for a prolonged period due to an agency setting the asking price way above market value.

More than likely, an overpriced property on the market will take a lot longer to gain any genuine interest and ultimately sell. This is where we come in, you will be assigned your own 5 Real Estate Property Representative who will guide you through the sales process and provide you with comprehensive support.

We understand that the price is arguably, the important factor, so we will book a free valuation at a time that suits you. During this valuation, our expert will discuss and agree with you on the best selling price for your property.

Make the best first impression possible

This seems like a basic step but it’s important. The first impression with a potential buyer is something that can’t be overlooked. First impressions can be face-to-face or online, which we will discuss in more detail within this guide. Make your property look appealing and enticing. Doing this, it will allow the potential buyer to imagine themselves living at your property.

Without discussing the basic tips of keeping the property clean and tidy, it is important to make sure all necessary repairs are complete, the highlights of the property are outlined, whether that be a spectacular view or spacious gardens and your decor is not overbearing as this could influence a persons feeling about the property.

Think about it, what things stick out in your mind when visiting a property? Make sure to try your best to make the first impression of your property a good one!

Market your property

When choosing an estate agent, it is important to understand what things they are going to be doing to sell your property. For example, At 5 Real Estate, we will take photos of your property and market it through all of the leading industry property portals along with advertising and features on social media channels. This will take away any unnecessary stress when it comes to promoting the property and our experts will know exactly what works in 2023.

So, let’s look at how 5 Real Estate will promote your property:

  • International property portals
  • Social media target audience campaigns
  • Precision advertising and remarketing
  • Advertising and promotion at a local and international level.

You are in trusted hands with 5 Real Estate, take a look at our Vendor Brochure if you wish to find out more information about how 5 Real Estate work.

The Spanish Property Market in 2023

2022 was a year that saw the demand continue to increase and property sales shoot up. Which is a positive for anyone looking to sell their property in the Costa Blanca area in 2023.

Looking at the figures and statistics, a high percentage of buyers in 2022 were from overseas, such as British, Irish and US citizens.

The number of foreign investments has surpassed the pre-pandemic levels, which is again, a positive sign when it comes to advertising your property this year. This is something that 5 Real Estate will consider when promoting your property through paid advertisement, we will target the relevant countries and audiences that will be best suited for you.

In 2022, around 40% of home sales to foreign buyers were in the Costa Blanca area. This shows that there is a target market out there when it comes to selling your property and this is what 5 Real Estate will capitalise on. There’s a mixture of properties that overseas buyers are interested in, this ranges from 3-bedroom villas to one-bedroom modern studio apartments.

It has been revealed that Torrevieja is one of the more favourable destinations along Costa Blanca where foreigners will buy properties in. In Torrevieja you can find a one-bedroom apartment or older bungalows for as low as €55,000.

Did you know? Rent in Torrevija is, on average, 73% lower than in London.

Some of the main reasons why overseas buyers can’t get enough of Torrevieja include:


It’s no secret that Torrevieja is well known for its gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, which consists of sandy beaches and secluded coves.

Playa Torrevieja is one of the more popular beaches in the area, the strip of sand leads to a rocky shore located near the water. It’s perfect for exploring and taking pictures. Another reason this specific beach is popular is due to it having a large grassed area just behind the beach. It is an ideal location for anyone visiting the beach and wanting to have a picnic.


The weather in Torrevieja throughout the summer months is glorious. From June to mid-September, it’s hot and sunny, which is perfect for any heat lovers. It’s known to be breezy during the day however there are often extremely hot periods.

On average, temperatures can reach highs of 35-36 degrees in the summer months. If you’re planning to swim in the sea, September is one of the best times to do so, with the water at an average temperature of 25 C. The beauty of Torrevieja is, it’s an all-year-round resort which means it averages around 320 days of sunshine each year!


There are plenty of reasons why the Torrevieja lifestyle is one of the best around. Let’s start with the food. You can visit the promenade which is home to some fantastic friendly restaurants and often hosts street markets with a wide range of independent bars, making the town a popular place to visit. When it comes to cuisine, there is a unique selection of authentic Spanish foods, which includes seafood, Mediterranean dishes, and of course, traditional Spanish tapas!

Let’s now look at the community. It’s been well-documented that Torrevieja is a lively and sociable place to live. It’s a diverse community, with a mixture of local Spaniards and expats. It’s home to many Brits, Germans, French and other nationalities, which makes it an ideal spot for English speakers looking to relocate.

Salt lakes, water parks, shopping centres, nightlife and much more are available to take advantage of within Torrevieja.

Why Choose 5 Real Estate?

Having decades of industry experience has allowed us the benefit of understanding not just what international vendors and buyers of Spanish property want, but also the frustrations that they face.

When it comes to selling a property in Costa Blanca, 5 Real Estate has an offer that no one else can compete with, while offering service at a high level. You can sell your property in Costa Blanca for a fixed fee of €999 with no hidden costs.

With 11 offices throughout the Costa Blanca and Murcia Region, you are in safe hands and never too far away from local support. If you are thinking about selling your property in the Costa Blanca, please take advantage of our handy “How much can you save?” tool or give us a call on +34 965 999 059.

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