Moving to Spain During Brexit

With frequent flights available from the majority of cities in the UK, Spain has always been a desirable destination for Britons. For years the public has scanned travel magazines looking for a holiday or permanent home in the sun.

Consequently, for those who have been making plans for many years, the dream was not over on the morning of June 24, 2016, it just meant that the long-term future looked a little different. Britain woke up to the reality of Brexit subsequently followed by the triggering of article 50 and finally the news of the withdrawal date from the European Union, March 2019.

Some who had been planning a life abroad, and also a proportion of the expatriates that had already made the move, became apprehensive. It was the end of freedom of movement, as provided for in the European Union Directive that had facilitated easy access to move and reside in all the member states.

Yet, equally, it has also been clear that large numbers of you have not been deterred, and have actually speeded up your plans to purchase abroad – before March 2019 – rather than put them on hold.