Are we at the end of 5%+ commission in Spain?

Selling property in Spain for international owners is expensive. However, it is vital that vendors are fully aware of the costs involved. There are a variety of fees, including a high level of commission in Spain, and some of the payments will leave many buyers shaking their head in disbelief.

Currently there are no government controls on international estate agent fees for property transactions in Spain. Believe it or not, it is not uncommon for 5%, and even more, to be the starting point for the agent’s commission. When you consider the significant price of property, an additional 5%, without doubt, is going to be a substantial sum of money.

Don’t pay more than you need to for commission in Spain

It is good to know, however, that the days of 5%+ commission faced by international vendors may be coming to an end. We can however easily understand why agents are keen to maintain this level of commission, but the power of the internet and an increase in consumer options is helping to change the market. Vendors, when given the option, will naturally choose an estate agent that doesn’t charge substantial fees when selling a property, provided the service levels are maintained and even improved.

Thankfully, the market is changing, and at Sell-1995, we are pleased to be spearheading the change process. We are committed to providing the best standard of service at the best price for all our clients.

 Pay a Fixed Fee for peace of mind

If you sell a property through SELL-1995, the fee is fixed at €1,995 + IVA. This price, which also includes legal fees, is regardless of the selling price of the property as no commission whatsoever is charged.

Also there is no up-front fee, which is the case with many online estate agents dealing in Spanish property sales. When an agent receives a fee in advance from a client, it can reduce the agent’s incentive and motivation to sell a property. At SELL-1995 we operate on a strictly No sale-No fee basis so you can be confident we are fully motivated to sell your home.

Spanish property

On the question of zero commission it is our fundamental belief that this is the way forward for estate agents in 2020 and beyond and is the natural choice for vendors. In addition, we don’t believe clients should be signing sole agency deals as they should be permitted to explore every avenue to sell their property for the best possible return. For the record it is our position that we will not collaborate with commission-based estate agents, therefore if you want to explore both options it is wise to avoid a sole agency.

Selling a home in Spain has been expensive, and quite often, vendors haven’t received value for money. We believe those days are coming to an end, as is the era of 5%+ commission when selling your home.

If you want value for money, quality service and commitment from your agent, contact now for a free valuation.