Our Mission

To provide a unique fixed-fee solution for both buyers and sellers of Spanish property, to save all parties to the transaction thousands of euros, whilst providing a full and comprehensive estate agency service superior to industry standards.

The old way

Having decades of industry experience has allowed us the benefit of understanding not just what international vendors and buyers of Spanish property want, but also of the frustrations that they face. 

We have seen over and over again of two major concerns that are consistently raised by vendors and buyers. 

Firstly, excessive estate agency fees which are amongst the highest in Europe, for example in the UK we may now be familiar with fees of under 1% as opposed to the industry standard 5%+ being charged on the Spanish Costas. 

Secondly, the lack of transparency which is inevitably associated with a market where fees are hidden from potential buyers.

The 5 Real Estate way

Our unique model has been created as the perfect hybrid solution of the full-service local estate agency and the price point of the online agent. 

The advantages of our solution compared to both models are clear.

Against the full service agent we can offer exactly the same services as a minimum and in some cases enhanced by knowing all of our properties first hand rather than attempting to sell properties through collaborators that have never themselves viewed them. 

However the main advantage over this model is of course the savings in fees, as a bare minimum we would be looking to save €4,000 against ordinary estate agents fees and in many cases much more than this, indeed running into figures in excess of €10,000. 

Compared to online agents, our model also has clear advantages. Most of these companies charge upfront fees, their charges are usually higher than ours anyway but even if they aren't they have taken their fees at the point of listing, which leaves the obvious question of where is the motivation to sell the property if there are no further financial benefits. 

These companies tend to be listing machines rather than machines designed to actually sell houses.

In summary we have a proposition that perfectly suits both vendors and buyers, one that is moving with the technology of modern times offering both value and service to our clients.