Transparent Fees

Our unique fixed-fee solution means buyers and sellers save money!

We are delighted you have chosen to use the services of 5 Real Estate. Whether buying or selling you can be confident you are in safe hands with our decades of experience in the Spanish real estate market, experience which has allowed us to understand what buyers and sellers are looking for.

We do however operate in any entirely different way to ordinary estate agents, ensuring full transparency throughout the process and we would like to take this opportunity to fully explain our fees and how our model directly benefits both international buyers and sellers of Spanish property.

Our fees are set and designed to financially benefit both parties and are as follows:


€999 or €1999 


€999 if you use one of our recommended lawyers or €1,999 if you choose to use the services of another lawyer, this is due to the extra administration work involved with working with lawyers who don't know us or prioritise our clients. No upfront fees, no exclusivity and most importantly NO COMMISSION. Despite all of these benefits you can be assured of our commitment to professionally market your property through international portals and to our extensive list of potential buyers.



 + IVA

Sales administration and service fee paid directly to your personal representative for their work in securing you a property free of loaded commissions. You are essentially purchasing the property at a price equal to buying it directly from the vendor but with the full support of our comprehensive estate agency service.

The above fees are consistent and remain equal regardless of the selling price, this allows both the vendor and the buyer to negotiate on a price confident in the fees involved, and that 5%, 6% or even more + IVA is not escaping the deal in estate agency commission. We also do not charge high minimum fees for properties below a set price. Put in real terms our buyer fee is less than just the IVA payable against ordinary agent fees.


If and when you have an offer accepted on a property you will need to put down a deposit to secure it.

Under €100,000 

€4000 including €999 + IVA representative fee

Over €100,000

€6,000 including €999 + IVA representative fee

If the forecast completion is in excess of 8 weeks we require the deposit to be made up to 10% within 30 days, this doesn't include the representative fee.

High Standards

One thing we do stress is that although our fees are low our standards are high! We operate a full estate agency service superior to industry standards.

So ask yourself – why would I use an ordinary agent when I can use 5 Real Estate?